• Jason Chandler

CHP and the Camaro Z/28

Did you know, in 1979 the California Highway Patrol in conjunction with Chevrolet actually used the Camaro Z/28 for law enforcement. Due to the limiting emission regulations that had severely

dampened the full-size patrol cars in use, Chevy provided 12 Camaro Z28 models outfitted with higher 3.08:1 rear end gear ratios (up from the standard 3.42:1) and Firestone Police Special fabric tires over the standard radials to perform better at higher speeds. Also included where front bumper guards and interior mounted emergency lighting. Four of each of these models went across California from the El Centro desert region, West L.A.,, Bakersfield and north to the mountains in Redding, CA. Pretty cool that this may have been the first real example of manufacturer issued high performance service vehicles, each of the Camaros had at least one failure of their LM1 350 V8 engines. SO it seems that even though this was unsuccessful, it opened the door to later packages used in law enforcement such as the the Mustang 5.0, Turbo Regals and or course, more Camaros.

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